Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hurry Back

First and foremost we hope Rep. Gundrum and all of our troops come home safely, sooner rather than later.

But can't you see the film that could be made of his deployment?

Gundrum, an attorney in Waukesha County, will be working in legal areas as a
judge advocate dealing with governance and rule of law issues as well as
mentoring democratic officials.
Imagine the wackiness when ordinary Iraqi citizens face the conservative judge from Wisconsin.

“I have had some great training already in combat, lifesaving and the Arabic
language,” Gundrum said, “But now we will be stepping it up.”

Goofy translation errors abound when a Sunni messenger is caught bringing colored margarine from Karbala.

Lt. Col. Richard Appel, public affairs officer for the unit, explained
exercises at an active post will allow for more tactical training and
team-building activities that are critical for preparing for Iraq.
The first part of the movie takes place at Training Camp in North Carolina where Gunnery Sgt. Denzel leads the unit through 10 grueling hours of Trust Excercises and The Ropes Course.

Channel 3 reports that Gundrum will be helping the Iraqi government with corruption issues. I think the Iraqi government has that issue under control. They need the help with anti-corruption issues.
Finally, from Boots and Sabres:
Gundrum, 37, will be leaving next month for several weeks of training at
Fort Bragg, N.C., and hopes to return to Wisconsin to spend the holidays with
his family including wife, Mary, and their six children before leaving for Iraq
at the end of January.

Why can't these bloggers leave the wives and children out of it? Haven't they suffered enough?

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