Sunday, October 21, 2007

You Ought To Be Ashamed

The stories of the firefighters who gave their lives on September 11, 2001 are well known. Those men and women made the ultimate sacrifice in an attempt to save the lives of the occupants of the World Trade Center complex. Tens of millions of words have been written to pay tribute to these valiant heroes of one of the worst days in our nation's history.

On October 17, 2007 one of the tributes to these brave American heroes made a stop in Madison. On Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. between Main St. and Doty St. the National September 11 Memorial Museum told the story of these men and women with a chilling display of memorabilia and artifacts from that dreadful day. In the words of the Tribute's website:

Join us as we make our way through the country in a grassroots effort to help
build a lasting tribute to honor the lives lost in the attacks of September 11,
2001 and February 26, 1993 and preserve the memory of those events for future
The Tour for the National September 11 Memorial & Museum
offers Americans the opportunity to come together again and reflect not only on
the tragedy, but also the tremendous resilience and courage we found in the
In addition to viewing photographs, artifacts, and a film
featuring firsthand accounts of 9/11 and the aftermath, individuals and
communities across the country will have a chance to contribute directly to this
historic effort by signing a steel beam that will be used in the construction of
the National September 11 Memorial.
Hundreds of Wisconsin's firefighters joined in that tribute on Wednesday, showing support for their fallen brethren with a quiet dignity. As is tradition when paying tribute to fallen fellows these firefighters arrived with their engines and full turn-out gear. The stunning dignity of these tributes have been known to bring grown men to tears and women to turn their heads to avoid the pain.

This is the way firefighters and law enforcement officials show honor.

Unfortunately there was another gathering on the opposite side of the Capitol Square that day, one that was dedicated to calling these government workers "thugs" and "parasites." These so-called Americans For Prosperity were interested only in prosperity for themselves. Their keynote speaker insisted that the firefighters should be sure to show their gratitude for being allowed to put their lives on the line.

The group that calls itself Citizens For Responsible Government has filed an open records request wondering why these firefighters were allowed to travel to Madison to pay tribute. The Cheddarsphere that finds itself in the thrall of the Milwaukee Squawkers is casting aspersions and hurling epithets without bothering to ask the one question that might have explained why those firemen were in Madison.
For that, if for nothing else, they should be ashamed.


elliot said...

Wow, playing the 9/11 card.

How Republican of you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Nope, this is actual reporting, done to find out why so many firefighters were in Madison on Wednesday.

The neocon blogs just blamed and didn't ask the basic question, so they didn't get or give this answer.

Nor did any, y'know, reporters.

Good work, Grumps. Thanks.

Real Debate said...

This could not be more wrong.

Special attemtion was given to the firefighters from the podium in acknowledging their service and a rousing applause was given from the AFP crowd to the firefighters.

After that warm show of affection the assembled firefighters showed zero compassion to the people there to speak and joined their union thug brothers in trying to shout out the people there to share their opinion.

This slander is nothing but a piece of garbage.

Anonymous said...

What's garbage is your hatred who of everybody who doesn't share your lunatic fringe ideology, Fred. It's laughable that you bleat slander when you refer to the firefighters as union thugs.

This is the face of the modern conservative movement folks. Firefighters, twelve-year-olds, two-year-olds, crippled war heroes, anybody and everybody is fair game for their sadistic hatred. America is a great nation and Wisconsin is a great state Fred, and we're going to make sure that you and your ilk are exposed as the extremists that you are.

Real Debate said...

Screw you anonymous.

I was there.

Firefighters were highlighted and honored specifically. After that they joined their union brothers in thug behavior, that is simply what happened. They were there shouting down people who dared to ask for no tax increase?

And you call me a hater?

Get serious.

I am suggesting civility and you call that hatred?

Our heroes should have enough respect for our citizens to listen without trying to shout them down. Why is that so freaking hard for you to understand about that?

It is your hatred towards an opposite ideology that clouds your judgement.

I was an invited speaker at that rally. I was thrilled the initial speaker acknowledged the firefighters.

I was stunned when they behaved so badly towards Wisconsin citizens.

This is the left's new schtick, throw up a sympathetic figure to do their fighting for them.

You want to call me a hater do it my face you coward.

I only wish Grumps would have added in his report that these firefighters were honored and applauded as the FIRST order of business at the rally.

Frankly I am surprised at the ommission. I thought he was above this kind of Xoff stretching smear.

grumps said...

Fred, This isn't RDW. You don't get to start your comments off like that.

Go up and read the post. I don't really care if the firefighters were grateful for AFP's message or not. That's not the point of the post.

Orv and his buddies are trying to say that the firefighters should somehow be vilified just for being on the Square on Wednesday. Owen and Patrick were only too happy to join in that slander. Chris spouted his usual filth in the comments at Fraley's place. You and the AFP are not the victims of this post. Stop fainting in front of the parade as if yoiu were. You weren't linked or quoted.

My post says exactly what I meant for it to say and for you to try to make it say something different won't fly. Stop insulting folks (and that goes for the rest of you, too.) As the header says, "I will maintain decorum here."

It is the height of arrogance for the bloggers to assume that those firefighters were there because you and the rest of your band were going to be there. They had shown up to pay tribute to fallen comrades and were (as citizens) entitled to show their disdain for the foolishness that spilled off the stage that day.

I've already made myself very clear as to my feelings about McKenna's talk of gratitude. I'm sure the firefighters felt the same way about the lip-service they were shown by AFP.

Real Debate said...

Lip Service?

Seriously, did you not hear the part where I said that AFP gave specific praise to firefighters? And yet here this is.

Firefighters do not get a free pass for bad behavior because of the nature of their job.

In fact people generally hold the firefighters in such high esteem I am sure they were suprised by their bad behavior.

Grumps perhaps you should turn off anonymous comments so people can not attack so easily.

Dad29 said...

Well, I was there.

And YOU may say that the FFU "turned out to honor FDNY heroes."

That may be true, but it certainly is odd that they selected the very spot where AFP was holding its rally--and that they rudely and thuggishly called AFP members names, and attempted to shout down their speakers.

You call THAT "a respectful memorial to the FDNY 9/11 heroes?

Nice try. But that's c^%$

Anonymous said...

Looks like Orv from CRG must've won his million dollar lawsuit against Milwaukee County for removing him and his smart mouth from a budget hearing.

Apparently the firefighters don't have the same rights that he thinks he ought to have.. His behavior at that budget hearing was FAR worse than ANYTHING done by the firefighters in Madison.

Once again, typical Republican CRAP from the neocons of CRG. Behavior that's OK for CRG should be banned by anyone they disagree with. CRG ought to ashamed of itself. Again.

Jay Bullock said...

it certainly is odd that they selected the very spot where AFP was holding its rally

Yes. I'm sure the planners of a nationally-touring 9/11 memorial exhibit planned their Madison stop around a hastily planned AFP rally.

capper said...

If Fred's comments are tokens of what he labels civility, I imagine, Grumps, that a post defining civility would be as instructful as the one on lip service. Of course, though, it may not. Fred has his blinders screwed on pretty tight.

Real Debate said...

Yeah right Capper.

I see you wasted what, 0 energy on the idiot that attacked me.

Give it a rest.

This post is a joke as is the entire concept that the firemen who behave badly should be given a pass.

This is the new liberal mentality.

Find a sympathetic figure who you find immune from criticism and have them do the dirty work (cindy sheehan, etc)

capper said...

Gee, Fred, you call people greedy, you tell them they should be groveling to you for their jobs, and you are the one that is attacked? It sounds more like you were just put in your place.

As for your last statement, if the neocons didn't do such spiteful things and take such abhorrent positions, they wouldn't have a PR problem.

Anonymous said...

Correctional Officers also attended this event in uniform which there are specific work rules prohibiting this. As far as the firefighters, there is a big difference in participating in a "memorial" for the heroes that died in in 9/11 and attending a political rally and putting on their union thug act while in tax payer uniforms.

grumps said...

My goodness, did you ride to Madison in a short bus? You certainly are hard-headed.

RTFP. The 9/11 Memorial was in town and the firefighters were there. The AFP crowd scheduled a conflict hootenanny which, rightly, attracted these brave men and women. Believe it or not, there are taxpayers in this state not in the thrall of Vicki McKenna.

There was a real nice discussion over at Badger Blogger about firefighters purchasing their own turnout gear. I'm comfortable with them wearing city issued gear to the tribute ceremony and then on the way home. If, and I say "if," it was their own gear then STFU. I don't know. I'll bet you don't either.

Are Correctional Officers forbidden from wearing uniforms to Union events? I doubt it. If the rally had been for a specific candidate, say one of the bull-headed lock-'em-all-up Republicans who have created the huge Unionized DoC workforce, them I'd be willing to bet there's a rule against. Union events, probably not.

Set aside their rude behavior. These are the men and women who stand up and do these dangerous jobs so you have the freedom to stand behind Sykes' skirts and holler, "Hell yeah" like you were at some cross between a tax revival meeting and a .38 Special concert.

Think about what your Momma told you. Act decent when folks are watching.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a work rule violation for Correctional Officers to wear their uniform to union events. If they are on official business of the DOC in pay status, it's a work rule.

Yes the republicans can claim responsibility for keeping even you libs safe. However, it's the libs that have to take responsibility for the unions!