Friday, October 12, 2007

It Makes You Want To Throw Your Hands Up

What is going on here? I support the actions of the School systems but can't help wondering where the wheels started to fall off.

In Belmont one student is in custody. From
The Belmont student had drawn a map of the school 's interior and labeled
some positions for "hostages, " school and law officials said, and was taken
into custody at the small Lafayette County school.
John Benkers, Belmont
Community Schools superintendent, said when students alerted the administrators
they had found the map, the 17-year-old senior boy was whisked away and police
were called with little notice in the rest of the 120-student high school 65
miles west of Madison.

Meanwhile, both of these stories are from Channel 3000

Evansville High School officials sent a letter to parents informing
them that security will be added at the school due to a threat of possible
violence there on Friday.

Evansville police said they interviewed the person making the threat
and two students who relayed the threat. School officials said they believe the
threat was made to disrupt and interfere with homecoming activities and that it
isn't an actual threat of violence.


Edgerton High School officials have canceled the homecoming pep rally
planned for Friday because of rumors that a shooting will take place at the

For the past two days, high school administrators have tried, without
success, to find the source of a rumor that there will be "a shooting at the pep
rally Friday," according to an internal memo by Superintendent Norman Fjelstad
obtained by WISC-TV and Channel 3000.

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