Monday, October 08, 2007

Words By Which To Live

Who said it?
[...]you might just have to accept the fact that sometimes the world is not a
perfect place and everyone is NOT out to get you.

No. Really? It was Fred. I don't think he was talking about Global Warming or about Jim Doyle. But he said it. Really.

It sounds like CBS wasn't the only group to send the B-Team to tape the AFP wing-ding-a-ling in DC. AFP didn't send the very best, either. I hope that the American Dream doesn't include YouTube, somehow.
Sorry about the Ron Paul video. We hired a company to tape all of the speeches
and to post them quickly. They did a terrible job and did not send enough people
to staff the event. They left the camera unattended and the tape ran out in the
middle of Paul’s speech (also missing all of Brownback and Huckabee). They
posted the speech and then noticed that they missed part of it, so they pulled
it from YouTube.


Real Debate said...

AFP tried their best, it was their first event of this size.

My point about CBS is this is their whole business.

Surely Jim, you can see the difference.

grumps said...

Yes, Fred, I see the difference.

To CBS, this was something other than The Main Event. With no controversy to drive the story they felt no need to be at their best.

To AFP, this was a chance to show that they were ready to play with the Big Boys. They had a chance to grab center stage and show CBS that they had made an error by bypassing the event. They did not do that.