Friday, October 12, 2007

Kool-Aid Dills

Paul has recently written about the perfect Chicago Style Hotdog and the pickles which must go with them. This story from the NYT raises the bar on acceptable cuke spears. I think.

Those pickles were once mere dills. They were once green. Their exteriors remain pebbly, a reminder that long ago they began their lives on a farm, on the ground, as cucumbers.

But they now have an arresting color that combines green and garnet, and a bracing sour-sweet taste that they owe to a long marinade in cherry or tropical fruit or strawberry Kool-Aid.

Kool-Aid pickles violate tradition, maybe even propriety. Depending on your palate and perspective, they are either the worst thing to happen to pickles since plastic brining barrels or a brave new taste sensation to be celebrated.

This is outside of anything I've ever tried. I like the fried dill pickles in Tennessee. Maybe I could learn to enjoy these.

Maybe not.

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