Saturday, October 13, 2007

You Finally Pushed Him Too Far

After months of acting as if he never read the comments on his blog State Embarrassment Frank Lasee has stood up for himself. He's stopped taking comments.

Frankie has been posting his Notes on his blogsite for months and for months he has steadfastly pretended that no one was commenting on his silliness. He never replied. He never clarified. He simply moved on to the next point of natter.

Never content to be a loudmouth in his own district Lasee has gone National with his ideas to arm schoolteachers and defund the UW School of Law. Now he's taken the discussion down a notch by shutting off comments to his own blog after deleting several over the last week or so.

Fractious Frank is said to be eyeing the Congressional seat that John Gard tried to win last cycle. The publicity he's been getting can't possibly be helpful in that cause. I suspect it's just a matter of time until Mark Graul or Fraley tell Frankie that his blog isn't doing for him what he thinks it is and the blog goes away entirely.

Until that day, go ahead and blogroll Frank's blog alongside the other political humor like the Onion if you wish. It's not as original but it's always good for a laugh. We miss ya, Frankie

Update: Nickknack Paddy Mack stands up for Frankie and says we're all being mean.

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James Wigderson said...

You're assuming Mark Graul, et al, wouldn't have a motive in having Lasee keep his blog up and running until Gard safely wins the nomination again.