Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just For The Record

Brett Davis did the right thing, for the 80th and for the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

Thank you, Brett


Real Debate said...

Taking 4 million in bribes to sell out the taxpayers of Wisconsin?

Yeah right.

Tell me Jim just how hight should we raise taxes in this state?

You dems always run on a platform of keeping taxes "low" (that is a laugh itself) How come Dems do not run on a platform of billions of dollars of increases?

Please enlighten me.

Real Debate said...

I'm curious of one more thing Grumps. (well three actually)

Did Sheldon Wasserman do the right thing?

Did Amy Sue Vruwink do the right thing?

Did Bob Ziegelbauer do the right thing?

I'm wondering also if all of you left wing bloggers who have put out the Wasserman love just because he is running against Alberta Darling will be as hard on him as you are to Republicans who voted no.

My guess is you'll let him off the hook.


grumps said...

Fred, you keep coming at this problem from the wrong direction so I cannot give you an answer to the question you ask.

The discussion isn't about taxes. It's about the needs of the citizens of the state. What do we need and how do we pay for it? Will we have to trade off one thing for another? If we spend a little here (relatively) can we realize a bigger gain there? Those are the questions. The budget spending and taxing have to come from that discussion not from the other direction.

I don't know enough about Wasserman to have an opinion one way or the other. Zieglebauer wussed out of the vote by running a pair but he's kind of a lost cause anyway, right? Vruwink didn't vote the way I'd have hoped but I haven't heard her reasons for voting that way.

In a tussle between Darling and Wasserman I'd be comfortable holding my nose and choosing. No hypocrisy here. You don't change just because of one vote. Yhanks the kind of thinking that mindless pledges bring about.

Don't start your discussion with taxes. That's what got you into this fix n the first place.

James Wigderson said...

Let's first realize when you say "need" what you really mean is "want". After all, we as a state have managed to live without these things before, so these are really new desires rather than "need."

That having been said, Brett Davis is really presenting a teaching moment to other Republicans. Not so much because of the ire of his fellow Republicans, but the unliklihood of any Democrat (including yourself) of voting for him.

Henry Kissinger was once asked a foreign policy forum whether domestic politics ever played a role in foreign policy. Kissinger responded that there was always someone in the room who would say, "You can't do that. You'll upset the people who would never vote for us in the first place."

It follows those are the same sorts that cannot be appeased by one budget vote either. Davis may win re-election (I'm not sure of the makeup of his district) but he'll discover there is no gratitude on the other side.

grumps said...

My point was that he may have gotten himself enough swing votes to hold his seat from the farmers and those who are looking to the new jobs to replace Stoughton trailer if they stay down for an extended period.

Not everyone is as ossified as you and I, James. And there is new money coming to Oregon all the time to balance from that end of the district.

s. dogood said...

I have to admit that there is a part of me that thinks Brett made a "safe" and calculated vote. Janis came awful close to winning this district.

So 9 to 1 says that the party let him vote against knowing they had the votes to get their way and also doing thi sto insure the republicans have this district again next year.

If it went done that way (which it probably did) Brett has not really made himself a very good politician of the year candidate.

Anonymous said...


He had enough votes to hold off the blue-tide last time. All he has done is made it certain that the few Republicans in his district will sit on the sidelines.

You know this, and that is why you praised him.

The sooner that Republicans figure this out, the better off the entire warming planet will be.

Please, keep praising him so that he can be made an example of. Republicans must make this guy the poster-child of stupid Republican behaivior

Real Debate said...

Grumps this is where you fail.

These increased taxes are not to keep up with inflation...

This is new spending, new programs.

Government expansion.

capper said...

And it will bring in more to the community than it cost, so it is a wise investment. It is the wise part that Fred is so adamantly opposed to.

Real Debate said...

No Capper it is the overall already too high part I am opposed to.