Monday, February 11, 2008

If You Die Now You Can Enter The Contest, Too

Those wacky scamps at AFP/Ohio are having a tough time finding stories of families who've actually been affected by that state's Estate Tax so they're doing their level best to collect some stories on their own.

"How?," You ask.

By having a contest and offering cash prizes.

Now, you'd think that if these affected families were as prevalent as some would have you believe that there would be a veritable litany of stories. But it just isn't the case. It seems that some of the AFP crowd knows some guys whose wife's cousin's family lived next to a woman whose father had to divide the milk cow four ways to leave any inheritance at all. It's just that they can't actually document a whole lot of those stories.

So now, if you die before the end of March and fall under the Estate Tax in your state make sure to get your entry in to AFP. You know those prizes will be good. I heard that third prize is a "Best of Vicki McKenna" CD. They're due to put it out as soon as she can come up with enough material.

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Other Side said...

One of your best, grumps. I'm still chuckling (and I did read that long, sorry thread at RDW).