Friday, February 08, 2008

I'm Sorry. No.

Motorists are enraged. Enraged, I say. From the Journal:

So What?
"Why weren't troops out there (earlier)?" Wittwer said in an interview from
her home in Hayward. "They knew it was coming. They had plenty of warning, but there was nothing to warn us, John Q. Public, driving up from Illinois."

Why were you on the highway? You had plenty of warning and you drove into a blizzard. You drove past safe places to stay, even after you saw what conditions were. All that the National Guard could do was to tell you that youwere stuck in a snowstorm at that point.

You are to blame for your own troubles.
In his 20 years as a truck driver, Doering had never had to spend the night
sleeping on the highway, so Wednesday's standstill caught him by surprise as he
only had a few crackers to eat and a half-bottle of water. He was stuck from
4:30 p.m. until 2 a.m

Why did you have no supplies in your truck? You are supposed to be a professional. For decades you have been told that preparation is the key to survival. A good long-haul driver would have a winter bag packed with high boots, Spam, juice boxes, gloves, crackers and Vienna Sausage. If he didn't need it by April he could have a feast while he put away the thermals.

You are to blame for your own troubles.

Still, Rock County has four plows operating in two 12-hour shifts, down from
eight plows about five years ago, Coopman said. Those same four plows patrol the
same stretch in both light snowfall and blizzards.

Coopman compared the snow plows to fire trucks. "You pray you never need them," Coopman said. "But in our business, elected officials have said we'll take our chances and start cutting back on having those 'fire trucks' available. Then when you have the fire like (Wednesday), you don't have them."

Every time you say that government needs to make cuts, every time you stand up and shout that your tax dollars are wasted you have to take part of the responsibility for the choices made in your name. Your nattering about waste, when looking at real hard choices, leads to cuts in services.

You are responsible for the lack of plows an the roads.

Listen. Learn. Figure it out. Some days the Cavalry isn't coming. Prepare. Grow the Hell up.

Stop the incessant whining.


capper said...


Real Debate said...

Grow up boys, it is not about how much you spend it is about how you spend it.

Do we need another $50,000 grant to teach kids how to walk to school?

Spend money wisely, allocate resources properly.

Shame on both of you for taking this occasion to make cheap political points.

If you want them to have more money, write a freaking check. I'm asking they spend what they already have wisely.

chasinthenews said...

I don't think it has to so much to do with lack of plows as it is ignorant people who thought they should be out in the middle of the damn blizzard.

How dare they whine, they did it to them selves.

It would have not mattered how many plows were out on Wed. They just could not keep up.

Those people who whined should be embarrassed.

capper said...

Yes, yes, Fred, we know you have yourself worked up into a frenzy because of tomorrow.

But you do have a point. Instead of wasting money on a unjust war, or for giving huge tax breaks or sweetheart contracts worth millions and even billions of dollars, that money could be spent here, doing some good for ALL the people.

Other Side said...

No you're not, Fred. Quit lying. You want cuts across the board, and when the Gov. says that's reckless behavior, you'll have your talking points for another year.

And where do you get off pronouncing shame on anyone? Blatherer!

grumps said...

Chasin, the whiners don't do real well with shame. A lot of them refuse to see their role in their own troubles.