Sunday, February 10, 2008

Them Sidewalks Didn't Just Grow There

Cold? You kids call this cold?

When I was in school we walked through this cold pushing a wheelbarrow full of cement for the workmen.

Cold? I'll tell you about cold.

The hound dogs used to keep a set of jumper cables out in the doghouse to start the stray rabbit on mornings like this.

I'll tell you about cold, dammit.

Sven and Ole were out pushing Lena's double-wide down the street trying to get her furnace started.

Cold? You kids don't know about cold.

We used to holler at one another on the playground and the words would dreeze straight out of our mouths. We'd have to pick 'em up and take them inside to put on the radiator (next to those little cartons of milk) to thaw out. By 11:15 all of those shouts would be thawing out and it was all you could do to hear the teacher.

Cold? You call this cold? I don't think so. Go outside and play. It's good for you. Hmphh, cold?


Anonymous said...

You forgot to say that it was uphill both ways pushing that wheelbarrow!

capper said...

And don't forget how you killed the grizzly with your spiral notebook.

fiveonearth said...

Spiral notebook? Don't you mean slate board?