Thursday, February 07, 2008

Well, Here's What Happened

Inside their helmets they have little tiny heads. No wonder they lost.


Too Much Coffee said...

No shit, before the game I told my kid that the Giants were going to win. I explained my reasoning as a variation of the ex-Cubs World Series predictor whereby the team with the fewest ex-Cubs is favored. In this case I was going with the team with the fewest ex-Vikings. So we can all blame it on Randy Moss.

Tom Petty sucked hard. Someone should have given him a cup of strong coffee or something before halftime, he looked asleep. He didn't suck as much as the Stones sucked, but that's not a high standard. The NFL should take a pass on the AARP-ready halftime shows.

Kate said...

Now, that's funny right there....I don't care who ya are!