Tuesday, February 26, 2008

If You Were Serious...

If you were serious about controlling spending wouldn't you put some sort of a rule in place to allow you to track and punish fraud in government contracts instead of specifically exempting them from oversight?
The loophole would allow companies performing government work overseas to
avoid having to report contract abuse. A review of documents shows it was added
by Bush administration policy-writers after they received a draft of the
proposed rule from the Justice Department.
Officials at the White House and the president's Office of Management and Budget, which oversees federal procurement policy, have declined repeated requests for information about the exemption for overseas contracts.

Probably just a minor glitch, right? Probably just a twenty here and a sawbuck there?
The proposed rule is part of a crackdown on contract fraud that the Justice
Department estimates has cost taxpayers $14 million in bribes alone over the
past five years.

It's not SCHIP that's busting our budgets, people. It's the waste and fraud being condoned and abetted in our name. I've heard it said that governments and diapers should be changed often and for the same reason. It's time for a change in Washington.

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