Monday, February 04, 2008

SuperBowl Wool Gathering

Hoping for the Giants to win feels a little like rooting for the Dodgers but there is a small satisfaction in seeing the Cheater, Bellichek, beaten at his own game. New York flat beat New England. No excuses.

The Life Water commercial was my favorite. There were several which fell flat. If you're going to spend $90,000 per second for an ad it should be your best of the year. Did the E-Trade people think that having the baby spit up would, somehow, make it more likely that I'd try their service? They were wrong. The clown's creepiness? Maybe.

WTF was Paula Abdul thinking? Has she lost all sense of taste? Appearing in that mish-mosh of a video proves that she should no longer be trusted to judge what is current in American music. From the marching band open to the school-girl/cheerleader choreography to Paula's aging corpus sashaying back and forth like some specter of one of her past lives it transitioned from awful to sad to creepy.
Dance Like There's No Tomorrow? More like Dancing After Too Many Yesterdays.

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capper said...

Be kind Grumps. She hadn't loosened up first. That requires at least a dozen drinks first, and she only had five.