Sunday, March 05, 2006

Brian Christianson Throws In the Towel

Free Will acknowledges that, whatever the verdict, Scott Jensen has damaged the GOP in Wisconsin in ways that will take years to recover from. His post, The Last Campaign of Scott Jensen, is here. His lead laments that which will become ever clearer as the veil of denial lifts.

It’s over. The die has been cast. The stain has set.

The Trial of Scott Jensen has torpedoed any strategy Republicans might have trotted-out this election year exploiting ethics reform. Those 30 second TV ads and 60 second radio ads slamming Dem. Gov. Jim Doyle and legislative Democrats are now toothless.

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elliot said...

Sorry. There's a difference between campaigning on company time and selling the state government to the highest bidder.

Plus, no on even knows what the hell is going on with the Jensen thing. AND Jensen isn't running. Doyle is.

I'm not saying the Republicans are clean, but I am saying Doyle ain't off the hook.