Sunday, March 19, 2006

March Madness

Let's take a quick look at this week's insanity.

Don Rumsfeld uses the "N" word. It's an internet axiom that the first one to use the word "Nazi" loses the argument. I'm wondering which of our allies in Iraq is the group to whom Rummy refers. The cute part is where he refers to the situation today as "Post-war Iraq." It's over. Mission accomplished.

JB van Hollen and Paul Bucher both started frothing about Peg Lautenschlager's attempts to bring contraceptives to Wisconsin women over the dithering of the Bush adminsitration. They have both come out in favor of killing more inmates as well. It's almost as if they don't understand the laws of the state.

The tizzysphere just can't get over the fact that Scooter Jensen is now a three time felon, convicted by a jury of his peers. There seems to be no recognition of the fact that key players from the majority of both sides were prosecuted and punished. In much the same way that Jensen chose to take Mark Green and Scott Walker down with him at trial, the ranters would have us believe that there was some value in a parade of defendants that swept the chambers clean. There is precedent for not having a prosecutor make changes to a government. The House Bank scandal didn't wrap everybody in a prosecutorial fold. Now it's up to voters to do their best to clean house.

Oh, goodness. There's much more. Jess Bucher says that folks who don't agree with her hubby have the same moral standing as felons like Scott Jensen. She also has called for the removal of F Jim and everyone else who supports the war (probably not what she meant, but certainly what she said.)
I don't want people from Whitefish Bay, or Waukesha or wherever, to dictate
foreign policy matters. If they are upset about the war, vote out public
officials who supported it/voted to authorize it.

Mississippi is enacting laws to protect Dick Cheney if he ever decides to hunt attorneys there.

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