Friday, March 31, 2006

The Extreme Side Of The Immigration Debate

I'm aghast and agog. I thought that I had heard all of the tripe that was out there to be heard about immigration whether or not it was documented or condoned. I thought that there was nothing that could knock me back in my chair. I underestimated Ralph Ovadal.

You remember Pastor Ralph, he of the International Conference on Homo-Fascism, and his attacks on the Pope. Ovadal is a rabble rouser who supplies much of his own rabble. He has slammed Paul Soglin and Charlie Sykes in his tirades. That makes him, perhaps, the least focused ranter on the Wisconsin scene.

I was pointed to a posting on Ovadal's extensive website by a post that referred to him only tangentially. (If you'd like to see some prime Michele Malkin smack-down check out this link.) Ovadal was referenced by Alex Koppleman over at Dragonfire.

Ovadal's screed dates back to June 30 of 2004 and is prime Ralph. Alliteratively entitled, "Reconquista, Republicanism, and Rome," he compares Ulster to the Southwest US before going on to share his vision for a Mexican takeover of no fewer than 5 states.
Most Mexicans living in America illegally -- and in some cases, even legally --
consider themselves Mexicans, not Americans. In fact, in some city neighborhoods
in the border regions, one does not see American flags flying but Mexican flags.

He's silent on the subject of the Swiss flags which fly in downtown Monroe.

He shares, but fails to document, a Mexican military incursion into the US. Presumably at some point since Black Jack Pershing was in Texas.
Mexican authorities are anything but concerned about this situation; in fact,
there are several documented incidents in which Mexican military personnel have
penetrated into American territory and even fired at American citizens.

In his opening Ovadal says that he will let the informed reader connect the dots for himself but Ralph just keeps connecting the points he's marking out until he gets to the real reason that all of these brown people are so anxious to reclaim the Southwest.
The answer is simple -- the Roman Catholic Church has its own plan of
reconquest. She is determined to reestablish the power she once exercised over
the civil governments and populations of the world. The pope, along with the
Reconquista cadre, views South, Central, and North Americas as being one "from
Argentina to Alaska." On several occasions, Pope John Paul II has "consecrated"
this "America" to "Our Lady of Guadalupe." The Mexican people streaming across
America's porous southern border are Roman Catholics. It is in the interest of
the Vatican to establish as many Roman Catholics as possible in the United
States of America. The pope and his partners in spiritual crime care little how
the job is done -- whether illegally or legally -- just so it is done.

There you have it. John Paul II then and Benedict now have set the marching orders for the conquest of the United States.

Ralph rambles about Jesuits and Brown Berets and the group which call themselves Minutemen now but which were only vigilantes in 2004. That there is one person who believes this pap is bad enough. When that man professes to be a preacher and a teacher and develops a following it is stomach-turning.

He is entitled to say these hateful things. He's entitled to believe them. This is America, after all. Just the same as we all have the right to say out loud what a fool we think that he is.

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