Friday, March 03, 2006

F Jim Connects The Dots So You Don't Have To

F James Sensenbrenner sent out a press release today crowing about the renewal of the PATRIOT Act by the Senate. He gloats about the passage,
Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of the Senate voted to extend the
most critical anti-terrorism legislation enacted since 9/11. The 89-to-10
bipartisan vote illustrates an understanding that the PATRIOT Act has kept us
safer while protecting the civil liberties we cherish.
without noting that the opposition this time was ten-fold the original vote. He also takes a shot at his colleague, Russ Feingold,
“I remain thoroughly disappointed, though, that one of my state’s Senators
continued to play political games right until the end. His single-minded
obsession with blocking this antiterror law – despite over 30 new civil
liberty safeguards – was categorically rejected by 89 Senators who chose to
put our national security first.

After the smackdown F Jim goes on to help us understand that the PATRIOT Act is not a tool for going after Americans, that it will only be used to protect us from the enemies who showed themselves on 9/11,
“Enactment of this legislation will ensure that the CIA and FBI will continue
sharing information to help ‘connect the dots’ and prevent terrorists from

And, lest we forget what those dots are, he enumerates, providing law enforcement new authorities to secure our ports,
enhances penalties for attacks against mass transit and railroads, combats
terrorism financing networks, improves air travel security...
All good points made by supporters of the Act. All admirable targets for our anti-terror forces. And then, his big finish,
...and fights the deadly scourge of methamphetamine abuse in our communities.”

Wait a minute. Is F Jim suggesting that meth is being imported from Iraq or Iran? Doesn't he know that it's a domestic problem, that kids are cooking it right down the street? Did he just say that the PATRIOT Act is going to be used in our communities, but just for our own good? Is there a reason I'm not being reassured by Sensenbrenner's release?

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