Sunday, March 26, 2006

The MJS and The War Referenda

Jay has a deconstruction of the Patrick McIlheran jibberish about why the various anti-war referenda will mean nothing. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist is setting the stage for the referenda across Wisconsin to pass and then to dismiss the result as aberrant.

Here in Evansville we have a different choice that is not mentioned in the article. We should have a clearer picture of city sentiment based on having two referenda of our own, one which calls for an orderly withdrawal plan and one which blesses the efforts of Bush and Co.

Don't let the vagaries of a Spring election keep you away from the polls. Get out and make your voice heard. If you need to know more about the differences between the referenda in Evansville you should attend CUUE's informational forum on Wednesday night. The moderator for the event will be Georgia Duerst-Lahti. You can see the questions to be asked here. Or you can watch for the forum on your local news outlet.

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