Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wisconsin Blog Summit Reports

I wasn't there but a lot of people were. 900 folks in a hotel conference room on such a sunny day as yesterday. Oh, my.
(Update: No Aaron. I'm not going to correct the number. When I'm wrong, I can be very, very wrong. Now, where did that number come from?)

Eliott posted and posted including a warning.

Dennis York was chosen as Blogger of the Year and included this graf in his acceptance speech:
If I had one challenge for blogs in Wisconsin, though, it is to try to push
yourselves to do more and more of your own writing. You all have a lot of talent
– and I want to know more about what you think and what you feel. With all due
respect, if I want to know what Charlie thinks about something, I’ll go visit
his site. Send me to sites I wouldn’t normally visit – touch on topics that I
may not know about. Most importantly, keep writing and get your friends to start
a blog. The more voices in the Wisconsin marketplace of ideas, the better.

James shares his thoughts here. Aaron got a new nickname and a couple of props. Casper said it was just like Christmas.


Aaron said...

900 people?

You must've used the same company to do the headcount as they do for liberal marches. Maybe we should start calling it the million blog summit! :)

I believe there were 90 people there. That's number's not low from lack of interest, either. They had to put people on standby, because the room wasn't big enough for more.

grumps said...

I bow to your eye-witness account and apologize for the fat finger ten-fold bump. Let's just use the estimate from the news pool cameras. Count legs, divide by two, margin of error is +or- 10x.