Monday, March 13, 2006

Sometimes It's Hard To Pick A Winner

While John Gard has the Cheney albatross around his neck today the other R candidate in the 8th is looking for a little attention from her party. As dismissive as Cheney and Gard can be, I don't think she's likely to get it from above. Maybe she can get it from the voters who are tired of the carpetbagger from Sun Prairie.

Here's Terri McCormick's statement on the Cheney visit:

“It is always an honor when the Vice-President or President visits our state.
When President Bush was running for re-election, Vice-President Cheney invited
me to stand with him on stage at the Green Bay Railroad Museum.
“However, this visit, a pre-primary endorsement before the voters and my neighbors have had the opportunity to listen and learn about both Republican candidates, has raised legitimate concerns for many.
“I wish my primary opponent well in his fundraiser. I wish the Vice-President well in his visit to Wisconsin and Illinois to stump for congressional candidates.
“My race for Congress has been and will continue to be focused on the voters of the 8th Congressional District. I have not been an insider in Madison, and I believe that has given me a tremendous opportunity to craft major reforms that served my constituents who live in Northeast Wisconsin.
“My reform packages for health insurance and job growth, such as the Small Business Regulation Act, have been recognized in Washington as national models for reform. My passion to clean up government with the ethics and elections board reforms will make a difference for those we serve.
“The voters have two very distinct choices for the 8th Congressional District Primary in the Republican Party. I have and always will remain close to the people I serve. It is because of my strong belief in service over self that I founded the charter school movement and wrote the first charter school laws in the state.
“My goal is to seek the endorsement of the people who live and work in the 8th
Congressional District. It is for this reason that I will remain a Washington
outsider when I go to Congress to represent the people of Northeast

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