Friday, March 24, 2006

Winston Smith Would Be Confused By F Jim

America is a compassionate nation that should continue to be the land of
opportunity. But the best way to help illegal aliens is by stopping illegal

That's the conclusion of F Jim Sensenbrenner regarding Thursday's rally in Milwaukee. F Jim ignores the fact that many of those in attendance were protesting the effect that Sensenbrenner's bill would have on small businesses who employee undocumented aliens knowingly or unknowingly. He ignores the fact that many of those involved in the rally were themselves legally in the country or citizens when he calls the event,"The illegal alien rally held in Milwaukee today..."

But it is more than his willful ignorance of those facts that caught my eye. Calling the best way to help a group "building a fence to keep them away and sending as many as we can catch back to where they came from" doesn't seem too "compassionate" to me. That ranks right up there with defending the 4th Amendment by wiretapping without warrants or defending the 6th Amendment by sealing the records of Federal trials.

But then F Jim doesn't have a problem with that, either.

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