Thursday, March 23, 2006

Evansville Mayoral Forum Post #3

Audience question 4) Predict population and business growth in Evansville
Sandy: Advocated spending city dollars for Trade Market Research to see what types of business residents want and will patronize
Karen: Has "High hopes" that many people are working toward it. TIF District to make downtown attractive. City is poised for growth on east side. "Bring it on."

Question 5) What is your position on the Taxpayer Protection Amendment?
Both candidates spoke against TPA. Sandy said it would take away local control and Karen called it good on paper but flawed in practice.

Question 6) How will you build consensus in City Hall
Sandy: The council serves on behalf of the citizens, all working for the best. "Consensus should be easy"
Karen: Do the homework. Develop persuasive arguments. Plan for questions.

Closing statements:
Sandy: Spoke to open, honest government. Pledged best efforts. "Willing to devote full time" if that's what it takes. Pledged not to seek other office. Whether she wins or loses she will stay involved in the city. Campaign is totally self-financed. "I won't be out looking for photo ops" Declined to appear at blog-sponsored forum on 3/25 citing the involvement of some candidates in the planning and saying that she would prefer to conduct her campaign eye-to-eye and not have politics faceless, taking place from basements on computers. (Disclosure here: I am one of the organizers of this forum. I am also in my basement.)
Karen: No one person in the city government has the power to act alone. The council is only as powerful as the people allow it to become. "The biggest issue in this campaign is the number of issues." Pledged to be approachable, honest and open. "I will lead rather than direct, inspire rather than instruct."

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