Saturday, March 04, 2006

Evansville's Bloggers Get Their Duwe

"I just light the fire and watch what happens." That's the quote from the venerable Observer that closes the Gazette article on Evansville's blogging community. Now our little dysfunctional cadre has the same MSM imprimatur as the Waukesha cabal or the Kenosha/Racine ring.

Local papers taking notice of local bloggers is nothing new. We've been treated to the Wisconsin State Journal's article profiling Carrie Lynch and Ann Althouse, Isthmus' gave us Madison Freedom Fighter and Jess Bucher has run her own right-leaning list in the Freeman.

This is our chance to bask in a little reflected glory, to see if there's a little spike out there this weekend. Gina did a fine job of profiling a few of us in town and let on that there are others to be found. But, don't you wish that the online version of the story had the sidebar with the links?


ambulance fugo said...

Very clever headline. I have always been a sucker for puns.

Evansville Observer said...

Love the headline. Does venerable mean old and confused? Old and creaky I can handle, but the confused spin I cannot. yo.

I cannot be old and venerable if my wild and crazy cohorts are not active and blogging at the fringes. Keep blogging big guy.

The Observer