Monday, January 14, 2008


There was a challenge from the pulpit (from the lectern, actually, but doesn't "pulpit" have a bully ring to it?) on Sunday. Sunday February 3 is the day of the Souper Bowl of Caring. Churches around the country will be taking special collections of non-perishables and money to give to a charity of their own designation.

The lay speaker challenged the congregation to get an early start by donating one dollar for every Packer point in the Giants game to that designated charity. For Evansville UMC that charity is the Ecumenical Care Closet Food Pantry.

There are a bunch of Packer fans out there who read my ramblings. I know that there are a couple of (harumph) Cowboys fans who would love nothing better than to see Favre run up the score. I'll challenge you all. I'll send a buck a point to the Care Closet. Will you match it? Will you match it if you pick your own charity?

You've got 17 meals between the time I'm writing this and game time. Think about it.

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