Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Request To The Children Of The Electronic Age

Simplify your freakin' life, kids.

The two twenty-somethings in front of me at the TSA line yesterday had, between them, 9 tubs and four bags to carry on. Nine tubs! Coats and laptops and sweaters and vests and DVD players and I-Pods and who-knows-what-all.

Simplify, kids!

One teener was whining to his Dad in the jetway because he couldn't bring his XBox along. He then treated the trapped multitude to a litany of all of the games he'd be missing while he escaped from January Detroit for Phoenix. Yutz!

I blame their upbringing. I really do.


Kate said...

Dang! And I feel guilty about using just 2 of those things.

Billiam said...

Hmm, I travel lite. 1 carry on, no computer, as when I fly, it's for vacation. I see these people lugging all this crap, and am not so insulted when someone compares me to a Luddite...