Wednesday, January 16, 2008

His Policy Is, "Flat Items Only"

Rudy wouldn't sign the Packers hat.


There's plenty to criticize him for besides being a Giants fan. Plenty.

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slammer said...

I give Rudy credit for standing behind his team, I am to wonder what the Senator from New York would do?

I would guess she would sign the hat while wearing a Giants hat, then respond that she is a Packer Fan because her Uncle used to take her to Packer games at Lambeau Field when she was just 5 years old (eventhough Lambeau was built when she was 10). This would then make Jets fan angry to which at a teary eyed press conference she would state that she is a Jets fan and always has been and she will fight to make sure that they will never have to play on the Giants home turf again.

I would just hope she would not butcher Tauscher's name like that one dude from Connecticut butchered Plameiro's name. yesterday.