Friday, January 04, 2008

A Reality Biscuit

Okay, so I won't quit my day job and start calling myself a pundit just yet. There are plenty of fools punditting all over the place, anyway.

I picked the top three Dems in Iowa but in reverse order and I badly misjudged the top-to-bottom spread. I misoverestimated Senator Clinton's organization. I also missed Biden and Dodd dropping out before NH. In my defense, who thought Biden and Dodd were still viable in the race.

I called Huckabee/Romney but figured on 5% rather than 9. That's within my personal MOE. Paul wins a Campus precinct in Ames. The juggernaut rolls on. Giuliani pulls a sturdy 4% even after telling Iowans that they'll all die if they don't vote for him. And Mike Gravel demands a retraction from Olbermann and says he's in for the long haul. In Mike Gravelspeak that means "next Wednesday."

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