Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nevada Fun Facts

Courtesy of Jerome Van Epps by way of Richard Russell:

State’s motto is “ Nevada – shaped like figure (d.) on page 87 of your High School geometry textbook.”

Ancient Nevada natives were the first humans to discover the wheel. They used it for playing roulette.

The Nevada constitution is written on the back of a cocktail napkin.

People in Wisconsin look up to Nevada and say to themselves, “Well, we may drink a lot, but at least not as much as people in Nevada .”

Area 52 in Nevada is famous for being where the government stockpiles space aliens. Less well know is Area 53 where John Edwards stockpiles toothpaste.

Nevada #1 export is hung-over broke gamblers.

Many candidates have near by bases of voter support near Nevada

Romney – Utah .

McCain – Arizona .

Thompson – Hollywood .

Kucinich – Area 52.

58% of registered voters in Nevada when asked who they would vote for said – “Hey, don’t interrupt, I think this slot machine is finally going to pay out the big one. Oh, Baby!”

South Carolina Tomorrow

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