Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Lot Closer To Arkansas Than I'd Care To Admit

The last line of this Gazette story is the best but there are flashes of something otherwordly throughout.

Update: Garage Fire Put Out
Edgerton and Milton firefighters have been released from the scene of a
garage and shed fire at 5729 W. Highway 59, Fulton Township.

The garage sustained heavy damage on one side and will probably be considered a total loss, said Adam Walton with the Edgerton Fire Department.

The fire started in a milk shed that was being used as a chicken coop, Walton said. The shed burned completely down.

Two vehicles were in the garage at the time, and one sustained smoke damage. The fire also melted siding on the side of the home, Walton said.

No chickens were harmed, he said.

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