Wednesday, January 09, 2008

NH Thoughts

Not a good night for Romney or Edwards. Both needed a better showing here. Mike Gravel might want to start thinking about heading back to that lakeshore.

Senator Clinton won. Why in the world would anybody be surprised by that? This one was in her wheelhouse. She had to knock it out of the park. But, what did it do to her burn rate? Will the big bucks come flowing back now?

Kucinich outdrew Thompson by 30%. One thousand more people believe that Kooky Denny would be a better President than growly old Fred. Maybe Thompson should hire a writer or two...Oh, nevermind.

McCain's victory means exactly what? Joe Lieberman gets another losing shot at VP? Life is good.

Bill Richardson is in a rough spot. He's got to hang around long enough to figure out who will be the nominee so he knows which wagon to hitch to his star. It's a tough gig.

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