Monday, January 07, 2008

To Clarify

"Fog" did not cause the collisions on I-39/90 yesterday afternoon.
...was hauling soy milk to New York in the fast-moving, bumper-to-bumper
traffic when brake lights appeared through the fog. He managed to grind to a
halt but was rear-ended. "Every time you thought, 'We're finally safe,' someone
else would zoom through,"
No one had an "accident." A series of bad decisions led to multiple collisons.
State Patrol Lt. Lauri Steeber said the vehicles — some driving too fast and
following too closely — began to slam on their brakes. "Then a semi came through
and struck the stopped vehicles," Steeber said. "It had a domino effect.
Accidents are unavoidable. They are very rare.

Semitrailer driver Bekir Osmicevic, of Minnesota, whose truck hit
several cars, surveyed the scene with his arm in a sling. He said he was driving
east in the right lane when a stopped vehicle appeared in the fog. He swerved
into the left lane, his truck dragging a car into the ditch and just missing
hitting a woman exiting her vehicle, which had been in a crash, Osmicevic

"It happened so quick," he said. "I was scared." The fog was
not "new information" that could have surprised any of these

It had been present for nearly twenty four hours. The time to begin driving cautiously was long past. Stopped vehicles do not "appear in the fog." You may feel that way because you are driving too fast to see them in time.

Slow Down. The life you save may be your own.


Walton said...

And for goodness sake, use your headlights! Even in town, use them!

I can't believe how many cars and trucks I see (or don't see) that don't have headlights on. It's not about seeing - it's about being seen.

elliot said...

We need to stop agreeing. It freaks me out.

Billiam said...

I'm with you, Elliot! I drive truck and I despise sheep. Sheep run in a herd. Herds are closed in. When the lead sheep stops, there's always bumping and grinding going on. Good one Grumps.

BadTux said...

True story: December, 1999. I was driving from North Carolina to Louisiana to spend Christmas at my mother's home in Alexandria. It was raining. A little over the Mississippi border, I went over an overpass, and felt my tires slipping on ice. I automatically steered into the skid, I hit the pavement on the other side with my front tires pointing the right direction to get me going straight again, and everything worked out.

So anyhow, from then on I did what everybody should have done -- whenever I came to a bridge or overpass, I put my emergency blinkers on, and crept over at a speed such that if I slid, I wouldn't slide off the damned thing. And at *EVERY SINGLE ONE* of the damned things, some effin' morons would come up behind me, honk at me, zoom around me, and... crash.

Morons. Freakin' morons. 50% of everybody is below average, and shouldn't be allowed to pilot a bicycle, much less a vehicle containing more potential energy than a 500 pound bomb. Gah, the stupid, it burns, it burns!

- Badtux the Drivin' Penguin