Thursday, April 16, 2009

Because I Can't Leave Comments On Your Blog

Yes. The City has a Planner. He doesn't do what you think he does and he's not full-time. The high school class can't do the work either. Sorry.

4K is not causing Janesville School's money troubles. 4K actually generates a little revenue.

Thanks for listening.

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5onearth said...

4K actually only generates a little money for the School District as long as the School District receives the start-up grant that was offered. Once that expires, it is up to the taxpayers to continue to fund the program.

Oh, and really, 4K does not "generate a little revenue." The grant money that is allocated to the School District for the 4K program is paid by our taxes, so in essence, all taxpayers are paying for the childcare of four year olds.

Early intervention should be provided for children who NEED the program and parents who CAN'T AFFORD the program - as in Headstart -- not as child care for every child.

Really, no educational program ever really "generates" money, in the truest sense of the word -- but wouldn't that be nice!