Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Teabag Signs Answer Our Questions

Is it evil to vote for Obama?

But why would that be?

On what do you base such a silly claim?

See? Now that wasn't in any of the position papers. Is there anything else you're against?

Divorce? Adultery? Illegal Drugs? Is that some kind of slam on Rush Limbaugh? I'll bet these guys are those plants they were talking about.

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Chris Walker said...

I put some of these signs in a video I posted on my blog ( Many of the comments I received on my youtube page were along the lines of "oh, THOSE signs were from ACORN activists trying to make us look bad!" And I think to myself...who are they trying to kid? Most of these people, to be honest, were well-intentioned (though misled) citizens, but some of them just scared me.