Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let The Games Begin

Scott Walker kicks off his next Quixotic campaign for a different job than the one he holds at rallies all this week. (Wasn't that the knock the R's put on Falk when she ran for AG?) Just ten days ago Walker's people said there was no rush, that there were no plans to announce a candidacy.
So what happened? Mark Neumann has jumped into the race. Neumann, a former US Congressman from Wisconsin's First District, may be the only person who can force Walker to run to his right in the primary. Walker was forced to Tweet his candidacy in the dead-news slot on Friday afternoon. Wisconsin had all weekend to ask, "Who?"
As this Neverending Campaign starts its 19 month slogging march let us refresh the message that Walker will offer on the stump. "Wisconsin sucks. It's too hard. I can't. I won't. Wisconsin sucks. Doyle is bad. No, we can't. If we improve things now the people will expect things to keep getting better. We can't have that. Wisconsin sucks."
Instead of roaring off into the Wisconsin sunset on his Harley-sponsored, taxpayer-funded statewide campaign swing I suggest that Walker just takes wing on his mighty Falcor and continues his never-ending quest for relevance outside the reach of WTMJ.
Thanks, Sis for the pic.

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