Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Pics From Tea Party Wednesday

I ran into Lance about 10:45 and he looked a little concerned about the crowd. We talked a minute and realized that one of the TV stations had given an 11:30 start time. I had a rough count at 11 of 1500 or so and I'll bet that it got up near as high as 3000 by the time I wandered off at 12:30.

There was plenty of gelt and a little Galt.

I snuck off about 11 a spent 45 minutes in a Republican Assemblyman's office where I could keep an eye on the assemblage as it grew.

I came out before Noon for another round of photos.

One of these people was a Bachmaniac and the other has spelling issues. Guess which is which.
More to follow

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