Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quick Questions

What is up with Nancy Grace and why does she have a public presence? I was just unlucky enough to see four seconds of one of her...whatever it is that she does and I was devoutly unimpressed.

Wasn't that New York special election supposed to be some sort of referendum on Michael Steele's effectiveness? What's happened to that idea?

Now that Scott Walker has announced his intention to announce his intention to run three weeks after his supporteers denounced Democrats for denouncing him even thouigh he wasn't running and Mark Neumann isn't running yet but Tommy!'s team is supporting him for when he does announce that he'll be announcing that he's running (breathe) does it start to look as if outstate Republicans are being roundly ignored? If the R's keep throwing up candidates from Milwaukee (trust me Waukesha and Merton are indistinguishable from Milwaukee) are they just blowing smoke at the process?


thoughtfulconservative said...

I know! I know!

Nancy Grace. Who knows? I routinely surf on as quickly as possible.

It could mean he's ineffective.

Can we somehow agree to ignore all this stuff until someone actually announces they're running. Sheesh.

What do I win? :)


grumps said...


I don't think the Tedisco race means Steele has come a cropper. There may or may not be other indications but to pin it all on the one race was just folks looking for an excuse.

As to the Walker/Neumann thingie...Is it ever to early to start building rancor within the party? It used to be just the Dems who did this silly stuff so early (see Falk/Lautenschlager) but it's good to share.

Top prize is my unflagging regard for your contribution here. Be well.

illusory tenant said...

Nancy Grace is so over.

Jane Velez-Mitchell is where it's at.