Monday, April 27, 2009

Those Pesky Russkies Draw The Line At Giant Clown Shoes

They're willing to allow him to
"dress[..] himself first while walking on a wire, then within a hoop of fire,
and play[..] a drum-kit, trumpet and double-bass all at the same time."

But they won't let him wear the shoes.
...a week last Saturday when, while wearing the shoes, he fell from a
10ft-high wire, hurting his left foot.

He continued with the show in Liverpool's Sefton Park but was still
in pain and when he went to hospital later that evening he was told he had
broken his metatarsal bone.

Of course, it's all the fault of the size 18 shoes.
Roll up, roll up! The health and safety circus has come to town.

And it has made one clown very sad indeed.

Valerik Kashkin has been told by his bosses that he can no longer
wear his giant comedy shoes because they are a health risk.

When clown shoes are outlawed, only outlaws will wear clown shoes.

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