Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random Tea Party Thoughts

There seemed to be some confusion about the focus of the get together yesterday. The original tea party wasn't about tea or taxes. It was about being represented. These people are represented but don't much care for the outcome. Individual signs protested (I know I'll forget a couple):
Cap and Trade
Jim Doyle
Truckers Podcasts
Illegal Aliens
Illegal Drugs
Voting for Obama
It was a convocation for free-floatting angst. As such, it was a failure as a single issue protest and seemed to be much more about sour grapes.

The Libertarian Party was there. They were one of several calls for a third party. They were a few Paulites roaming around and those scamps from the Lemon Party had a big sign up trying to score a little TV time. (Don't Google them. You'll be disappointed at best.)

When I first got there the crowd was sparse but it filled in that wedge nicely. I'll guess that actual attendance was somewhere between what the DOA says and what Mark Block says. (You know he's not real good with numbers. He went on the radio to say there were 2000 tea parties planned.)

McKenna can whip up a crowd but she's no Joe Pine.

The crowd skewed older, my guess is somewhere in the mid forties on average. With the exception of the preacher from Milwaukee who spoke I didn't see a person of color that wasn't wearing a uniform.

Twisted Sister? Really? The entire canon of American music was out there just waiting to be used without attribution or recompense and you decided to go with Dee Snider for your anthem? How does that fly with the Family Values crowd? (I'd forgotten until today that We're Not Gonna Take It was one of the Parent's Music Resource Center's original Filthy Fifteen and now it's being played on the Jumbotron for teabaggers.)


Anonymous said...

Who is John Galt?

Dan said...

Can we expect the same faux outrage, grumps, the next time the liberals have a protest. For instance, today. The gays and transgender folks are having a day of silence. when you will post your disdain for that?

grumps said...

Outrage, Dan? You need to recalibrate.