Friday, April 10, 2009

Questions I Haven't Heard Asked Yet

How would a McCain/Palin Presidency be handling the American transition away from the Bush years?

Would he have pulled our economy into a neo-Hooverite shell or would he have been all mavericky in trying to stimulate the economy?

Would he have bailed out Detroit or would we already be down to just one viable automaker?

Would he have deployed VP Palin to build business confidence in his plans?

Would we have seen the decisive, and wrong, snap judgements from the Georgia-Ossetia conflicts in response to the Somali hijacking of Maersk Alabama?

How would a McCain/Palin administration have reacted to North Korea's failed missile test?

I've heard lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth. There have been many garments rent. I still believe America chose the right course in November.


Anonymous said...

Honestly? McCain has always been a loser.

What GWB destroyed, McCain would have forever left as the legacy of the right.

Thankfully, BO is in charge and his policies are falling apart faster than the auto industry.

We are living through Johnson-Nixon-Carter 2.0.

Dan said...

The one thing that McCain would not have done is pass those gosh awful spending bills. would it change anything? not immediately, but it would have made a difference in the years down the line.

Rich said...

Why do so many alleged progressives look backwards? So often it's incessant Bush-Bashing, but now imaginary President McCain bashing?