Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Got To Be Hard To Be A Wingnut

After you work so hard to convince yourself that all Union members are evil thugs you have to reconcile these facts.

The crew of the Maersk Alabama is all Union. The pirates are not organized although the UFCW is handing out flyers.

Chesley Sullenberger and his heroic crew are all in the Union. The geese were not organized.

It must be very confusing


James Wigderson said...

As long as we're over simplifying, you ever see On the Waterfront?

grumps said...

Point made, James but a little off the mark.

Fredo and Cubba are convinced that all Union members are thugs who should have no political voice. They make no distinction for teachers, firefighters, cops or Rod Steiger. But yet they'll announce Union members as heroes with absolutely no sense of irony.

It's the same when they denounce Capital "H" Hollywood as all a bunch of phony liberals while paeanizing Chuck Norris and Kelsey Grammer.

Delicious, ain't it?

Aaron said...

Note to self: a union member might actually act in his own best interest if you point a gun at his head.

Dan said...

Most union members are not thugs. However, most union organizers and leaders are.

grumps said...

The difference, Dan is that Fred and Chris are on record as smearing ALL Union members including, in Fred's case, firefighters on their way home from a memorial service.

Thank you for acknowledging that all [anything] are not [something.] That's the first step to middle ground.