Monday, April 06, 2009

Does This Child Have A Chance?

Poor Tripp Palin. Pity the child of an unwed mother born into a family of criminals, grifters and lowlife.

One granny abused her power as Governor. The other just sold Hillbilly Heroin. Grandpa's had his own legal troubles and unsavory associations (and for those of you who are outraged by such things, he's a Union Member in good standing.)

Throw in Great-Aunt Diana's burglary bust and Great-Uncle James' criminal driving record. Season well with unproven rumor and juicy innuendo. Then add to all that family business the fact that Tripp's Mommy is using him as a weapon against his Father and you have all the makings of a tragic childhood.

Is it time to call Social Services? Who could have imagined the Governor's Mansion as a broken home?


grumps said...

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Anonymous said...

I would have thought you were above something like this, but maybe I haven't read you enough lately.

grumps said...

Dean, If I'd been going for a hatchet job the list gets much longer. Palin makes these reminders necessary when she steps into her GOP Pharisee mode.

Her declaration that the McCampaigniacs weren't the sort of people she could pray with shows that she holds herself to be somehow morally superior to ordinary Republicans and all Democrats.

If this child was growing up in Janesville's Fourth Ward there would be serious concern for the family environment to which he was exposed. Why would we give the Palins a pass?