Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pictures From The Whiny People's Rally

First of several.

When Vicki McKenna natters on about the mainstream media do you suppose she understands that WIBA once had one of the premier news teams in the state. Now the company she works for has gutted the news organization in favor of rabble rousing and whining.

Okay. See if you can find a common thread in the next two pictures.
There you go. People who don't know top from bottom now feel qualified to advise on tax policy.
One of the main themes today was the lack of a unifying theme. There were anti-debt groups, anti-tax groups, Libertarians, Paulites and birthers. Even CRG had a table set up to show that they were beginning to start to get ready to commence to try to maybe collect signatures against Mark Neumann, er Jim Doyle.
This woman knew exactly why she'd taken a day off work and was standing on the Capitol lawn.
More pics later


Anonymous said...

Thousands come together and you can't see one positive thing?

Get therapy.

grumps said...

What makes you think I don't see this as positive?

Other Side said...

Reads like a Fred comment.

Dave Reid said...

Yea I don't see a positive because this was basically a sour grapes rally (our guy didn't win...). Further as shown by many of the signs it has the impact of firing up the extreme fringes of the right and well that's a little troubling.

Dan said...

Anonymous, grumps doesn't like dissent. He has thrown out the race card about the people who attended the rally.
only when liberals rally, is it a positive for grumps and his side.

grumps said...

Dan, I love dissent and you're welcome anytime. I just won't put up with lying. Go back and look at that post again. Any mention of race came from the comments page of a group who planned on attending a local teabagging. If you have problems with their language take it up with them.