Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Burden Of Proof

Most of the Left side of the cheddarsphere has been busy for the last week putting distance between themselves and the deranged theories of Kevin Barrett. Even those who stand up for his right to those theories and the separation of his vocation from his beliefs agree that he is beyond the fringe, no matter the attempts of some to paint Democrats with the same brush.

Today the lecturer in Journalism, McBride, once again took a denier to task and asked for his "evidence." It came to me then that we have the exact same level of proof for the 9/11 conspiracy as we have from the administration for WMD in Iraq.

C'mon, Jess. The Barrett story has been very good to you, even getting you some notice from the Malkinistas at Hot Air. Just imagine the National attention you could get by asking GW for the same level of evidence while he's in Port Washington today.

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James Wigderson said...

Or she could ask the same question of John Kerry, Al Gore, Joe Liebermann, Joe Biden, Bill & Hillary Clinton. After all, they all saw the same thing.