Friday, July 14, 2006

Frank Refloats A Bad Idea

Back on June 28 Fightin' Frank Lasee had an editorial column on WisOpinion titled Tuition Reciprocity is a Poor Deal for Wisconsin which assailed the tution reciprocity deal between Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Frank made clear that he was agin' letting all them foreign students from across our border into our state schools. Nevermind that Wisconsin kids have the same option in the other direction. Nevermind that Minnesota kids pay more than Wisconsin residents and, in effect, subsidize our schools to a certain extent. Frank was sure that the Minnesotans were slickering us rubes somehow.

That afternoon Seth posted a point by point rebuttal of Frank's Op-Ed showing the depth of the shallowness in Lasee's piece. That same day State Sen Sheila Harsdorf issued a piece making many of the same points as Seth and adding;
...(ending reciprocity) would do irreparable damage to Western Wisconsin growth,
economic development, and jobs while limiting thousands upon thousands of spots
for Wisconsin families to send their kids to school in.

Now, three weeks later, Frank has come up with a reply to Sen Harsdorf which simply restates a few of the arguments shown to be false last month. Frank Lasee seems to be a true believer of the theory of endless repetition; if you repeat a bad idea long enough people start to believe it. It's as if he talks but never listens, hears but does not understand, rejects Reality when it conflicts with his beliefs.

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