Saturday, July 08, 2006

Truth Takes A Detour

When I heard that Jess McBride was working for a think tank I just assumed that she was cleaning the filter, but it turns out that she may be doing much more.

She announced weeks ago on the Sykes show that she was doing research for the WPRI, a non-partisan C3 organization, regarding immigration issues. Now her husband, a candidate for AG, has at his fingertips all sorts of data about illegal immigrants. It turns out that much of the data is wrong or misrepresented, leading many to believe that McBride is the source of those statistics.

Cory has been asking direct questions and McBride is giving only attacks without denials. She needs to respond to the question, "Is Paul Bucher using research done by a non-partisan non-profit for political gain?" The bloggers who were asking the same questions of Voces de la Frontera should be all over this.

Update: The folks who make up the Bucher organization seems to have the fingers in many pies. Can you call an organization "shadowy" when everyone knows who is behind it?

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