Saturday, July 15, 2006

Now, It's Getting Personal

My phone rang late Thursday.
"They're bombing Haifa."
"Who? What? You're s****ing me."
"No I just got a call from Tel Aviv. They're bombing Haifa now."
"Who? Where? Port or city? Where is the Fritz office? Where is Zim?"
"Both down by the port. I don't know if they're bombing the port or the city."
"(Deleted) I've got a ship buttoning up this afternoon, don't I?"
"It's almost Midnight over there. Your ship should be on the water by now."
"Have we heard from L---- or E--?"
Yes. She's the one who called. They're okay. She says it's not that big a deal."

Twenty minutes on the Net confirmed that Hezbollah had, indeed, sent a Katyusha into the Stella Maris neighborhood of Haifa doing minor damage and hurting no one. No of the folks with whom I do business was affected or hurt.

Thursday morning the violence was theoretical. Thursday night when I came home it was very real. My boss (an Israeli) says they are sending a message, teaching a lesson. I am less convinced that anyone is learning anything.

h/t to Chris (That doesn't happen often) for the good post on the Katyushas being used.

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