Thursday, July 20, 2006

But, What Do The Snowflake Babies Think Of GW?

From Michelle Malkin is an Idiot we get a screen cap from the announcement of our President's first use of the veto. In the comments section one claims that all the kids at the photo-op got a stuffed pander bear.

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slammer said...

Here is somewhat of a liberal view from Slammer. (you can now breathe)

Both of my children were born through invitro. There are now 3 and 1 1/2. When my wife and I first found out we needed to go through this process we went to the UW what we were told there and I will paraphrase is that basically they will pump my wife full of drugs take out as many mature eggs as possible in some cases over 20, attempt to fertilize the eggs and after the fertilization occurs they will implant 3 embryos and then hope for the best. I asked about the remaining embryos and said well if we get like 12 we then can implant those embryos at a later date. I was told no the University will then take ownership and do what they want with those embryos. I did not like this what so ever. I just wanted you to know what the UW does say to prospective parents.

What my wife and I did do was go to LaCrosse and they did not take 20 mature eggs they only took 3 and if those three fertilized they implanted 3.

I would be all for embyonic stem cell research if they decision was left to the parents to use the embryos as they wish, in the UW's case it is not. What they do is use mothers as petrie dishes and make you pay out the ass 10K 5 years ago.

There you go Mark and others I do disagree with Mr. Bush here but I do think the UW is a crooked bunch