Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New Dohnal Poll Says Tom Reynolds Is Ginchiest

It's easy to get polls to say what you need them to say if you only poll your friends. Bob Dohnal shows us how. Jay, Paul, Bill, Jon and Ben all take the time to talk about methods and results.

As for Dohnal, let's let him share who he believes his base to be.
In the case of the democrats [sic], they have the nutty fringe that want to
preserve every tree, eliminate God from the world, and are Socialists. It's hard
to keep them happy, so they might run over to the Greens and vote. In the case
of the Republicans, you have to energize the "hook and bullet" guys who drive
pickups and SUVs, plus your "Right to Life" groups. The candidates who talk
about the things that really matter to the voters will get them out and win.
Those issues are basically the ones that affect their homes and families, their
jobs, their autos, and their hobbies. If you get caught out in the Netherlands
talking about the gold standard, and other esoteric problems you will go home
empty handed.

And my take? I'm a Democrat and I hunt.

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Dean said...

The survey did not claim to be scientific and was sent by conservatives to conservatives. I'm not sure why it's that big of a deal.