Monday, July 10, 2006

Reaction To The Glenn Grothman Announcement

Owen gets credit for breaking the news that the RPW had finally gotten to the bottom of the barrel.

Casper wants Grothman to get all medieval on Kohl.

Sean says that Grothman's run means very little to either party and wants GG to swing for the fringes.

Tim welcomes Grothman to the race for the clarity he will bring.
Grothman is so extreme that he makes State Senator Tom Reynolds seem almost
palatable and sane.
Chris sees the inevitable.

The Recess Supervisor makes comparisons to Dave Magnum.

James makes comparisons to Galipoli.

Fraley shows us how polarizing Grothman can be.

Update: Charlie says maybe it's a sham. GG may not be willing to take one for the team after all.

My thoughts?

  1. This can't be good for Rae Vogeler. Voters like me who might have used the free pass to send a message will now fall back into the Kohl camp to send that message to the RPW instead.
  2. This will help draw a clean line between R's and D's in November. Whether he wants it or not Grothman will be hanging around Mark Greens neck like a giant sea bird.
  3. Even though you can't blame the RPW for finding a candidate who gets a free pass (Grothman's seat is not up in November. He'll have a job come January.) I still am cynical about the level of risk that Republican's are willing to take to get their ideas out.
  4. Grothman's biggest win so far was in a primary when he out-righted another R. Despite the echo chamber that the BBA provides, that Grover Norquist/Ralph Reed-style base is waning in influence in Wisconsin.

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