Tuesday, July 25, 2006

People Are Not The Same As Issues

Mark Green's campaign manager has made disparging remarks about not just Jim Doyle but about Jody and Maddy Montgomery. This statement by Ms. Montgomery makes it clear that behind every vote there are real people being affected. Mark Green and Mark Graul would rather that we didn't think about the faces of the people that go with the issues.

Statement of Jody Montgomery in Response to Mark Graul
Madison – Today, Mark Green’s campaign manager Mark Graul issued a statement, suggesting
that Jody Montgomery was being used in a campaign ad from the Doyle campaign.

Montgomery, a Verona mom, appears, with her four-year-old daughter Maddy in the ad, and talksabout the importance of stem cell research.

Montgomery released the following statement through the Doyle campaign:
“Mark Green’s campaign manager says that everyone wants to find a cure for juvenile diabetes.
But Mark Green has voted over and over again against stem cell research that could find a cure
for my daughter.

“And now Mark Green’s campaign manager seems to think that I can’t think for myself. That’s
pretty insulting. And it’s not true.

“I’m a mother who loves her daughter. Because my daughter has juvenile diabetes, there are few issues more important to me and my family than stem cell research. I would give anything to see her healthy and not having to take shots of insulin every day.

“That’s why I appeared in this campaign ad. Mark Green has voted against stem cell research, and has voted against finding a cure for my daughter


Anonymous said...

She is as sick and pathetic as Cindy Sheehan. Her message: Please create and kill as hany human embryo's as it takes, just in case it will help find a cure for my daughter - and P.S. Please make sure the government funds it.

This is a pathetic issue and the party that has grabbed on to it is showing that it is desperate, out of touch and without any ethical standards.

Nathan said...

Hey! Ad hominem attacks suck. Your comment consists, mainly, of ad hominem attacks. Therefore, your comment sucks. I thought we maintained decorum here?

grumps said...

My intent is to leave this comment as a reminder of what Compassionate Conservatism looks like.

Anonymous has taken a page out of the Swift Boat Handbook. Restate the issue in an unrelated way. Attack the message by attacking the messenger. Stand on a "moral" rock while acting in a reprehensibly immoral way.

I'm saddened by the comment but no longer shocked.

slammer said...

I would like to find the person who wrote all that for Jody(or is it Jodi) the Doyle campaign did not know for a while. Mark Green has voted against EMBRYONIC stem cell research. So let me get this straight the to Jodi(y) the Green campaign should be "Mark Green looking to kill the sick"

get a clue

Mark Schnepper said...


I assume you mean the Democratic party has grabbed onto this. That is deliberate dishonesty or an uninformed opinion. The simple fact is that the majority of both the House and the Senate Voted for federal stem cell funding. If the majority of Congress did not approve of this, Bush would not have had to veto it. Using an analogy the right wing has trotted out before, I guess Dubya is an obstructionist!

realdebate said...

Bullshit Grumps.

That ad is a lie, she knows it and Doyle knows it.

Mark Green is not in favor of outlawing stem cell research as this ridiculous ad proclaims.

The Green campaign is being too nice.

Frankly I'm surprised that you would defend lies.

I thought you were better than that.

grumps said...

Fred, It's not necessary to bend the truth to show how Mark Green is standing in the way of stem-cell research. The simple fact is that he voted against the bill which Bush vetoed. A majority of Congress had reached a compromise that allowed for the ethical use of fertilized eggs in research under stringently controlled conditions.

Mark Green's extreme position is in opposition to most of the rest of the country. It's important to get that word out.